Inventory Management

We take the stress out of inventory management by maintaining updated and detailed inventories of all stored items. Our meticulous inventories are a vital component of Muldoon’s warehousing, loading, and installation practices; a service that proves invaluable to our clients. A recent project with a designer located across the country highlighted how integral this service proves to be. To ensure that her scheduled trips to the site were productive and the final installation date was on track, she had to rely heavily on the accuracy of our lists and the condition of the items we had received. As items were received they were tagged with customer names, product details, and room destinations, as well as other vital information. Any changes to that information were quickly identified by an equally attentive designer, and quickly corrected. The installation was smooth and efficient and the designer was able to place the final items days ahead of the scheduled flight home.


Your people have been terrific at my home. They are all very polite and hard working. You must be very proud of the quality of your staff.